Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Artist/Designer Right to Livelihood...

I've been off the computer for a few days...working on goodies for upcoming shows...
This morning...coffee in hand...I ventured out thru blogland to visit friends sites and OH MY...my blood started boiling. I need to choose my words carefully here...I'm very passionate about the issue of copyright infringement...it's personal...it's how I and many of my friends put food on our tables... I could really go off on a rant here...but for now I will bite my tongue and refer you to Lori's eloquent word's on her blog Notforgotten Farm ~L


  1. You are right to be boiling. My folk art is the ONLY income for me and my husband. We are NOT retired, we are not getting SS, or a pension. we are NOT independently wealthy. We are happy having this as our income. We pay our mortgage with it, our grocery bill with it, and $1500 per month for health coverage for the two of us with it. It has broken my heart when I have walked into stores and seen MY designs--even my handwriting scanned. I've had over 50 designs stolen. But, what has happened to stitching designers is far worse. It is criminal. If a crime on the street happens and you facilitate it by driving the getaway car, YOU are guilty too. ANYONE who works with this stitching site to get patterns is just as guilty. Shame on you--I'm afraid this may have to come to the designers joining together to persue litigation.I hope you nail them to the wall.

  2. I've been watching other bloggers talk about this subject too. So sad. People are clueless sometimes. Best of luck at your show. From what I can see you are making really cute creations!


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