Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Okay...not shamrocks...but the best I could do today!

It's just a beautiful day here...unusually warm for Mid-March with temps nearing 80 today!

After a long week of finishing and shipping the Part One kits of Grandma's Garden, the 2012 rug project,
I'm looking forward to a relaxing day of stitching.
No green beer here...but what ever your traditions and celebrations are...I wish you many blessings and a safe and happy day! ~L


  1. Today while rearranging a cupboard in my house, I found a fabulous purple sweater that you made for me back in 1981-82. My husband Jay asked you to make a long cardigan for me and a pullover with a kangaroo pouch for our then five year old daughter. Both sweaters were mainly purple with A detail of rainbow colors.
    Well, that five year now has a five year old of her own as well as a two year old!
    I see that you have moved on but was wondering if you are still making sweaters?
    In any event, it is so nice to know that you are still producing some wonderful things.
    Linda Saks

  2. There's enough lovely green in those wonderful leaves to make this Irish girl's heart go all a flutter! Beautiful hooking!


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