Thursday, July 14, 2011

Website Woes...

If it ain't one's another...

this is certainly not how I planned to spend the day...the website is down...and I'm waiting for my host server to get back to me.

Seems like this is an annual thing??? I remember other hot, humid July days sweating over website issues...Could it be a planet alignment thing?

Last year I started building a new site...but it is really complex for this ole' brain. Yes it has lots of fancy bells and whistles that the old site doesn't...but there is always comfort in the familar and I've worked so hard to get the old baby looking just the way I way I want.

So...while I wait for the webhost to diagnosis the problem...I guess I better wake up my teenager and have him help me fiqure out the new sites code!

Hope you are doing something FUN today! ~L


  1. There is nothing worse then computer problems. It's so confusing. Good Luck.

  2. Good luck with your website woes. Technology sure can be frustrating. I was so pleased to be able to figure out how to set up my printer into the wireless contraption this week without having to call in a teen to help me out! Just don't expect much more than that from me! Hope everything works out quickly.

  3. Cheri & Courtney, Thanks so much for your comments and well wishes! Technology...arrgh...a necessary evil...and a lesson in patience for sure!
    Think I'll go stitch on something for a while to settle my nerves...L


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