Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where did Spring go???

It's a blustery Wednesday here in the North Country...a few days ago all the snow had melted away in our yard...the birds were singing...but NOT today! This is how March is...a teaser of what's to come one day...then a slap of reality the next!

It's okay...I have much to do inside...drawing patterns, dyeing wool and preparing kits for Brocade...the picture above is another preview of this year's rug project. If the sun was shining and the birds were chirping I'd want to be scratching in the herb garden! The 2011 Rug project is close to being sold if you are interested in joining in...don't wait too long or you'll be dissappointned! If you want more on the underlined link above to go to the website for all the details!

99 followers cool is that? A heartfelt thanks
to all of you who visit and follow along with my rambliings! Our new windows are all in...and are amazing...while I miss the look of the old wavy glass...I don't miss the wind rattling the panes...sad we waited 18 years for this! And...hopefully we will have some news on the house hunt in the next week or so!!!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday!!! ~L


  1. Very nice colors Laurie. Yes, March can be a fickle month for weather. April showers are almost here.

  2. Laurie what a great blog you have here, I will definilty put you on my blog list on my selling blog for other people to enjoy. I wish I could see your shop it looks full of things that I would enjoy.


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