Saturday, June 20, 2009

♥ A Sampler...Update

Just finshed hooking Part how this year's rug project is coming along!
Now to cut all the kits and get them in the mail in July! If you are interested in joining in on the project...there are only 4 left...once they're gone...they're gone!
I will however have the linen pattern available in January 2010!

After house chores today...I'm hoping to have sometime to pick up my rooster rug that has been patiently waiting...gonna have to change the date in the corner! I REALLY want this finished and down in the kitchen...something cushy under my toes while I do the never ending dishes!

I'm also itching to start on a NEW design I drew up a few weeks ago. Flower Power will be a new pattern offered in 2010. ooooh 2010....doesn't that sound strange????
More on this one soon...

For those of you curious about the "stars" in the previous post...I can't say too much or show the entire mat yet...hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be able to! Thanks for your interest...hope you all have a GREAT weekend...hug your Father if you can!

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