Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Events...

are now behind me! These pics are of my space from this past weekend at Shepherd's Harvest Wool Festival.

Held each year on Mother's Day weekend at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

This was the 12th annual...and always such a fun event!

I think I've finally gotten the studio/shop back together...it's amazing that I can cram all that stuff into my Subaru!!! So tomorrow it's time to fire up the dyepots and restock the shelves! I need to get the new class shecdule finalized and up on the website, too...then...hopefully I can relax a bit and get back to posting here more regularly...and to the garden, too!

Wooly hugs, L


  1. Wow, what a booth! Would have loved to been in there shopping.. If you need to get to the dyepots, I'm taking that as you had a good day selling. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing pictures of it with us. That is an awful lot to get in a subaru lol!

  2. Morning Kathy!
    Thanks for stopping by...
    Yes, it's amazing how much I can pack in the car! My neighbor at the studio was laughing and saying she wished she had a video camera...LOL! Shepherd's Harvest is a 2 day event...and two weeks before was our annual Spring Hook-in...so...yep, I need to get dyeing!

    Hope you have a GREAT day! ~L


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