Sunday, February 15, 2009

♥ Sunday Eve Hooking...

Just got out of my cozy chair to share some pics with you...

this is a prim version on my Patches runner...12” x 21”...perfect for a bench...table or a little hearth rug!

I’ve been rummaging thru my scrap boxes again and having such fun. I just finished this prim version of one of my best selling patterns...Penny Star.

This 14” Prim Penny Star Chair Pad is now available in my Etsy shop

Wishing you all the best for the coming week!
~ Laurie

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

♥ Aren’t these SWEET?

♥ Aren’t these SWEET?
Sharon just sent this photo of her first two hearts...she says she’s having a ball stitching these up and has wool cut for 4 more...guess we all know what’s she’s doing today...LOL!

Thank you SO MUCH Sharon for sending in the pic, it is a treat to see all the different variations! So come on me your hearts... ♥ Laurie

Sunday, February 8, 2009

♥ Valentine Freebie ♥

My gift to you today is my pattern for making a Woven Heart Pin Keep. Inspired by my Danish heritage and reminiscent of school day Valentines...this sweet 5 ¼” x 5” pin keep is fun and fast to stitch!
You are welcome to make them for gifts...or a few to sell...but please be kind and give credit to me as the designer...
You will need:
* 2 different pieces of wool each 10 1/4"” x 3 1/2"
* Stuffing...wool roving...or...wool snippets (rug hooker’s have oodles of these)...or crushed English Walnut shells (sold at pet stores for lizard bedding)...any of these will keep your pins & needles nice and sharp!
* 10 1/4"” x 5 1/4" Muslin if using walnut shells to make insert.
* favorites are from The Gentle Art
* sewing needle & thread
* scissors
♥ Copy and print out the may need to enlarge it. The template measures 3 1/8" across by 5" doesn't have to be exact! Cut out.

♥ Trace template onto wool and cut 2 from each color. Carefully cut slits open.
♥ Using photos as a guide weave the hearts together. Use a few pins to hold them together if you need to.

♥ Repeat these steps with other two pieces of wool to form the other half of pin keep
♥ Put wrong sides together and using 2 strands of thread to blanket stitch pin keep together. Leave an opening to stuff.

♥ For a lightweight & fluffy pin keep stuff with wool snippets or wool roving. Fiberfil will work...but it does dull your pins and needles. To keep points nice and sharp try filling with “crushed English walnut shells” These are sold in pet supply shops for lizard bedding.
If this is your choice, you’ll want to make a liner for your pin keep...

♥ Cut 2 hearts from muslin and stitch together with a running stitch, leaving an opening for stuffing.

♥ Turn muslin heart right side out and stuff. Don’t fill too full!
♥ Sew opening closed with tiny stitches.

♥ Insert liner and finish stitching the pin keep closed and end off thread.

♥ If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask...and I would love to see YOUR finished pin keeps...please send pics! Enjoy ~ Laurie

♥ P.S. Here's a pic of one I made for my Wooly Friend Chris...I added a rusty key and made a little holder for some sweet heart shaped's pinned to the back with a rusty pin!

Happy Stitching ~ Laurie