Wednesday, July 11, 2012

They're HERE!!!

A Day at Sunny Brook...Maggie Bonanomi's NEW book...
arrived this afternoon at the studio/shop!

All pre-orders have been shipped...Thank YOU kindly...I know you will just love this latest edition to Maggie's marvelous collection of books!!!

In yesterdays post, I hinted at the new pillow project I'm about to start...and I'd like to invite you to follow along and create a piece of Memorie Cloth of your own. You could make a pillow...wall hanging...table mat...anything your heart desires!
I'll be back tomorrow to post a list of supplies for you to gather if you would like to join me...
and tell your friends who might be interested!
Even if you don't want to stitch along now...
I hope you'll stop back and see my process!
Sweet Dreams ~L


  1. These are great! I look forward to learning how it's done!

  2. How beautiful...what a great wedding gift one of these would make...any occasion!

  3. Any Maggie books left ?? I'd love to purchase one.

  4. Courtney, I hope you and everyone will have fun with this!

    Karen, I think so too! The one with the garden verse was a gift for my sister and brother-in-law's anniversary!

    Robin, I just sent you an email...yes, I still have a few copies and more on the way...Maggie's new book is stunningly beautiful!

    Have a great day...I'll be back later to post on the Memorie Cloth!


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