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Memorie Cloth ~ Images

Good Evening…this is later than I planned because our internet went down today...

Have you found an image you’d like use to make your own Memorie Cloth?

Today I’ll tell you how I go about preparing and printing my images.

First off…let me say that I’m not very “techy”…I’m totally self-taught and know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to computers…
so with that in mind…let’s forge ahead…
Please read the entire process before beginning and if you have questions…please ask!
Questions help us all learn…if you post your questions and comments below in the comment section, then everyone will benefit!

There are many methods for printing images onto fabric…so if you have a favorite…go ahead and you’ll be set for the next post when we start to prepare the backing for the cloth.

When working with old photographs or other artwork, I scan the image into the computer and edit it in Adobe Photoshop.
Once you have a photo file, edit it as you please…enlarge, crop, adjust color or effects, etc. with whatever photo program you have...there are also free photo editing sites online.

Now you are ready to print...
* *I’ve found that once the images are processed they tend to be a bit darker on the fabric then they would be on regular paper. That said…it is a good idea to test your image by printing it out on regular paper before printing on the fabric sheet!* *

I use an ink jet printer.
If you have a laser printer you will want to find fabric sheets for laser printers!
If you don’t have a printer…check with your local copy shop to see if their equipment will work…or phone a friend!

My favorite fabric printer sheets are by June Tailor, Inc
Sew-in…Colorfast…Fabric™ Sheets For Ink Jet Printers

I like the cream color, but they are also available in white. They are 8 ½” x 11” sheets of 100% cotton that are all prepped and ready to feed thru the printer…
No messy solutions to pre-treat your fabric…No cutting to size…No hoping it’s right so the printer doesn’t jam!

There are several brands now on the market…I’ve used these for probably 10 years and like them better than any others I’ve tried…but use what you like!

So now you are ready to print…following the manufacturer’s directions… Set the sheet…fabric side down…in the paper tray…print the image…let the ink dry for 10 minutes…peel off the paper backing

…set iron to highest setting, without steam and iron with image facing up for 2 minutes.

If you want to age your image…skip ahead…
If not, then rinse the fabric in cold water for a minute, pat dry with an old towel, then iron again until the fabric is dry.

If you would like to age the image…do so now with a strong solution of tea, coffee, or black walnut dye.
For a mottled look, use a small amount of liquid and scrunch to the fabric in the solution. For more even “staining”, use more liquid so the fabric can move freely in the solution.

Rinse under cold water, and pat dry with an old towel…Now iron again until the fabric is dry.


Next time…we’ll get the backing fabric set and start laying out the cloth! You will want to gather your wools…or other fabrics you want to incorporate into your cloth. You’ll also need a needle and thread, some lightweight scrap fabric that won’t show…I use osnaburg or muslin…any lightweight cotton will do! And some lightweight cotton batting…and of course your Fabric Image,!!!

Until next time ~L

PS... Tomorrow the hookers are here for 2Nd Saturday Open Studio, so I’ll give you the weekend to play with your images…I'll be back early next week to continue the Memorie Cloth♥

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